Reading Bingo

Recently I came across a great idea for how to push yourself to read outside your comfort zone: reading bingo! It seems to be popularly used by school librarians to encourage kids to try out new parts of the library, so I sat down and came up with a reading challenge of my own, with less of a bingo-prize focus and more reading different genres and getting recommendations. The book I read this week was the first of my “reading bingo challenge”, as below.

Perhaps it is a silly idea but I think it will help me to stay motivated while working my way through a very big list I have of books I want to read, especially when I’m tempted by books in the genres I usually choose from.

If you are looking for a reading challenge, another one I found that I’d like to do in the future is this one from Penguin Random House Canada:


It might need a few tweaks (i.e. you could swap Canada for your home country) but I like that it has a good mix of random and socially-motivated selectors.

Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for how you keep your reading varied by posting in the comments section below.

Good luck reading!



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